Building 14 Design + Manufacturing Services

The Factory is housed in Florence’s Industrial Park, in a building once home to textile producer Tee Jays Manufacturing Company. Under Tee Jay’s management until 2001, this facility was called Plant 14. We have honored that history by naming our machine-made design and manufacturing division Building 14. It is a callback to the early days of our building and our region within the history of American textile manufacturing.

Building 14 Design + Manufacturing Services facilitates production for other companies who wish to produce responsibly, using organic cotton and reclaimed materials. Alabama Chanin's own machine-made line is made within Building 14. The facility also has the capability to source materials and physically produce goods for other companies that otherwise would not have the ability to produce using organic materials. Examples of recent work from Building 14 include: Reclaimed Down Scarf, a collaboration with Patagonia as part of their Truth to Materials initiative; 6397 Denim Throw, a collaboration with designer
Stella Ishii; and production services for Billy Reid, resulting in a Men's Raglan, The Grist

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