The scissors that I prefer to use are Gingher, in Model G-4 (4” Classic Embroidery Shears) and G-5 (5” Knife Edge Sewing and Craft Scissors). They are available through our online store. You can also view the wide selection of Gingher products here:

I recommend that you test every scissor before purchasing. Each pair sits differently in your hand and a good pair of scissors should last a lifetime. Our local fabric store carries the entire Gingher range which is great as you can test the individual pairs to see what fits best to your way of working.


For larger cutting projects, everyone in our office uses the Fiskars Soft Touch scissors which you can find in most every fabric store or in our online store.
These scissors have stood the test of time in our office and continue delivering excellent performance without tiring the hand like conventional scissors:


Use your old sewing scissors for paper scissors when you replace them with the Fiskars Soft Touch scissors (above) for cutting garments.


It might seem that all seam rippers are created equal; however, my favorite is this
Clover Needlecraft White Seam Ripper which is also available in the Alabama Chanin online store.


Craft knives are readily available in every community; support your local merchants.

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