I first wrote about Kaffe Fassett’s new book here – when the rains on Nashville turned our eyes to disaster. More than a month has passed and the folks of Nashville still need our help and today I am back to thinking about Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.

Inspired by the lovely geometries Kaffe illustrates – and the upcoming summer months – we have decided to begin a Quilt of the Month project – starting with our all-time favorite American Flag Quilt.

Purchase one of our DIY Flag Quilt Kits which comes cut, stenciled and ready to sew with all the needed notions or follow the instructions below using our 100% organic cotton, up-cycled t-shirts or scraps.

Our DIY Flag Quilt Kit is made from a double layer of our 100% organic cotton in a mixture of Burgundy and Carmine, Storm Blue and Navy, as well as, Parchment and Sand.

Cut quilt pieces are then embroidered and constructed with our Coats & Clark Button Craft thread in Navy, Maroon and Dogwood using techniques from Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style

We have applied a variety of stencils from our Alabama Chanin archives to our DIY Flag Quilt Kit; however, you may use any stencils that you have available in any combination of techniques from Alabama Stitch Book and/or Alabama Studio Style


1/2 yard 100% organic cotton jersey in Navy

1/2 yard 100% organic cotton jersey in Storm Blue

2 yards 100% organic cotton jersey in Burgundy

2 yards 100% organic cotton jersey in Ruby

2 yards 100% organic cotton jersey in Parchment

2 yards 100% organic cotton jersey in Sand

Stencils of your choice

Airbrush paint

Approximately 8 spools Coats & Clark Button Craft thread in Maroon #41B (depending on the amount of embellishment you plan to incorporate).

Approximately 8 spools Coats & Clark Button Craft thread in Dogwood #155 (depending on the amount of embellishment you plan to incorporate).

1 spool Coats & Clark Button Craft thread in Navy #12

18” C-thru ruler

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat

Measurements and Guide below:   Finished Size: 103” X 62”

The quilt is worked up in long stripes that are 5” wide and 103” long (finished width) with 1/4″ seam allowances on each side – 5 1/2″ cut width. (We cut the stripes into smaller pieces that we can incorporate scraps into our final project and to add color variation.)

The short stripes are 5” x 64” with 1/4″ seam allowances – 5 1/2″ cut width – on each side and broken into smaller pieces as well.

We also chose to break the blue star area up into smaller parts; however, you could choose to make this one piece with appliquéd stars. The finished measurement of the blue field is 32” in height and 39 “wide.

Below is a guide to the stencils that we chose for our project but remember that any stencil will work and the quilt works up lovely with no embellishment at all.

Technique by Block:

A        Abbie’s Flower Applique

B         Clematis Reverse Applique

C         Apples Reverse Applique

D         String Quilted

E         Lotus Applique

F          Climbing Rose Reverse Applique

G         Rose in 3-D Applique

H         Poetry Stenciled Only

I           Dove Reverse Applique

J          Gothic Quilted

K         Trumpet Vine Reverse Applique

L          Clematis Reverse Applique

M         Bloomers Reverse Applique

N         Stripe Reverse Applique

O         Fish Double Reverse Applique

P         Poetry Reverse Applique

Q         Black & White Stenciled Only

R         Anna’s Garden Reverse Applique

S         Hearts Reverse Applique

T          Spiral Stenciled Only

U         Rose 3-D Applique

V         Dove Reverse Applique

W        Apples Reverse Applique

X         Abbie’s Flower Applique

Y         Spiral Stenciled Only

Z          Lotus Applique

AA       Vitae Reverse Applique

BB       Black & White Stenciled Only

CC      Abbie’s Flower Applique

DD      Moths Reverse Applique

EE       Fish Double Reverse Applique

FF       Small Rooster Reverse Applique

GG      Clematis Reverse Applique

HH      Small Latin Cross Reverse Applique

II          Stripe Reverse Applique

JJ        Skull & Crossbones Reverse Applique

KK       Lotus Applique

LL        String Quilted

MM      Moths Reverse Applique

NN      Abbie’s Flower Applique

OO      Rose 3-D Applique

PP       Apples Reverse Applique

QQ      Climbing Rose Reverse Applique

RR      Pig Reverse Applique

SS       Flowers & Machine Reverse Applique

TT        Poetry Reverse Applique

UU      Stripe Reverse Applique

VV       Dove Reverse Applique

WW     Gothic Quilted

XX       String Quilted

YY       Climbing Rose Reverse Applique

ZZ       Lotus Applique

AAA    Anna’s Garden Reverse Applique

BBB    Black & White Stenciled Only

CCC   String Quilted

DDD   Clematis Reverse Applique

EEE    Trumpet Vine Reverse Applique

FFF     Small Rooster Reverse Applique

GGG   Hearts Reverse Applique

Embellish as desired, construct in strips, add appliquéd stars and enjoy your summer…

Get inspired by Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts and use our Alabama Studio Style techniques to create your own…
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  1. Michelle Shopped


    you might enjoy the book my nepenthe by kaffe’s niece — the book was a fabulous escape into beloved bohemian history…then liz taylor died so we had to watch the movie sandpiper that was filmed there…and now i just find out she has a new book out — plum gorgeous! off to order it from the library now…

  2. Sarah

    I love the look of this quilt! I was wondering though, is it like a rag quilt? It looks like the edges are set to rag after washing. Thank you!

    1. Alabama

      Hi Sarah,
      Our organic cotton jersey doesn’t fray; the edges only roll up slightly after washing. That might be what you are seeing in the picture. Hope this answers your question.

  3. Kay Vail

    Is the quilt two layers of strips, therefore four thicknesses of fabric sewn all together to the front when strips are assembled. Or are two strips sewn together on the front and two separately on the back creating a reversible quilt with seams showing on both sides? Thank you for any additional info you can provide.

    1. Alabama

      Hi Kay,

      The quilt is only two layers sewn together. The “back” is simply the back of the bottom layer of fabric. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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