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We picked blackberries this morning as the sun was coming up over the trees.

Butch treated us to his (no longer) secret recipe for Cottage Cheese Pancakes from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook to pair with our morning harvest.

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Thinking about all of our consumption, plastic, and the oil spill that spoils our beautiful home.

From my son Zach today, a thoughtful piece about our role:

Published: Jun 11, 2010
WASHINGTON (AP) – Has the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico got you so mad you’re ready to quit Big Oil?
Ready to park the car and take up bike-riding or walking? Well, your bike and your sneakers have petroleum products in them. And sure, you can curb energy use by shutting off the AC, but the electric fans you switch to have plastic from oil and gas in them. And the insulation to keep your home cool, also started as oil and gas. Without all that, you’ll sweat and it’ll be all too noticeable because deodorant comes from oil and gas too.
You can’t even escape petroleum products with a nice cool fast-food milkshake – which probably has a petrochemical-based thickener.
Oil is everywhere. It’s in carpeting, furniture, computers and clothing. It’s in the most personal of products like toothpaste, shaving cream, lipstick and vitamin capsules. Petrochemicals are the glue of our modern lives and even in glue, too.
Because of that, petrochemicals are in our blood.
Read the full article here: Boycott Big Oil? Prepare to give up your lifestyle We need a revolution for this century…in our blood?

*Photo by Robert Rausch for our Revolution collection



What an inspiration to get to hear The Civil Wars at Billy Reid’s Florence store this weekend.

One of my best music memories of all time is having seen Kate Bush – in a small venue – in New York City in the late eighties; the performance Saturday night ranks right up there.

Beauty and harmony beyond compare:

The Civil Wars


In a sea (literally) of bad news about our Gulf, I cleaned up my desk this morning to find some good. While I was traveling over the past few months, a lovely package worked its way to the bottom of a pile just to be discovered this morning.

In the package: Rebuilding After Disaster: The Biloxi Model Home Program from Architecture for Humanity.
Those of you who have purchased an Alabama Builds shirt from us over the last few years have contributed to make the Biloxi Model Home Program a reality.
From the book:
“People say, ‘What kind of house is this?’ And I tell them, ‘This is a good house – a good, sturdy house. It’s a miracle; it’s a blessing. That’s what it is.” - Karen Parker, Homeowner
Just yesterday, I was talking with my friend Cathy from HEATH about how design can make a difference. We were thinking about how designers can set goals, make an impact on communities and create a better world. We were talking about how we can strive to be better designers and do good (better) work.Cameron’s name came up in that conversation as a role model.
Cameron, Architecture for Humanity, and all the designers who have contributed to repairing Biloxi have done really important work – really important.
Get your copy here: Rebuilding After Disaster: The Biloxi Model Home Program and support the good work…


I first wrote about Kaffe Fassett’s new book here – when the rains on Nashville turned our eyes to disaster. More than a month has passed and the folks of Nashville still need our help and today I am back to thinking about Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts. Inspired by the lovely geometries Kaffe illustrates – and the upcoming summer months – we have decided to begin a Quilt of the Month project – starting with our all-time favorite American Flag Quilt.

Purchase one of our DIY Flag Quilt Kits which comes cut, stenciled and ready to sew with all the needed notions or follow the instructions below using our 100% organic cotton, up-cycled t-shirts or scraps. Our DIY Flag Quilt Kit is made from a double layer of our 100% organic cotton in a mixture of Burgundy and Carmine, Storm Blue and Navy, as well as, Parchment and Sand. Cut quilt pieces are then embroidered and constructed with our Coats & Clark Button Craft thread in Navy, Maroon and Dogwood using techniques from Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style Continue reading

CHARLES MOORE: 1931 – 2010

Famed photographer Charles Moore changed the course of American history the only way he knew: with his camera.
The life of our friend, hero, and neighbor will be celebrated this Saturday.
Please join us for an evening of powerful imagery, inspiration, talks, friends, music food and a look at how one man made a difference:
Life Celebration for Photographer
Charles Lee Moore
Saturday, June 5th
7pm at GAS Design Center
109-A West 6th Street
Tuscumbia, Alabama
Powerful Days indeed…
*Photograph of The Selma March by Charles Moore – March 1931 to March 2010