When our good friend Kristy brought this amazing dish to our last weekend workshop, I instantly knew it would become a summer staple in my kitchen. The sweetness of the watermelon  balances perfectly with the acidity of the tomatoes, and the hint of mint makes it extra refreshing on hot day.

Everyone was asking for the recipe. Not very much to it:

Cut-up watermelon, remove seeds (I used about a quarter of a watermelon)
Diced tomato, seeds removed (I used two medium tomatoes)
Spinach or other green
Feta (as much as you’d like)
Mint (4 sprigs, stems removed and leaves chopped)
A drizzle of olive oil

Let everything reach room temperature (to bring out the flavors) except for the watermelon and add the chilled watermelon at the end just before serving.

(And leave out the feta cheese if you are – like me – in a “cleansing” phase – still delicious. Day 9 and going strong!)

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