For those of you who haven’t yet discovered, Alabama Chanin is now on Pinterest. And for those who haven’t begun exploring Pinterest, consider yourself warned – hours slip by in the blink of an eye. Pinterest is not a site for those short on time or attention spans.

Endless images are grouped, ‘pinned’, and ‘re-pinned’ in innumerable categories. We’re inspired by this visually driven site and the creative exchange it encourages. We’ve added some of our collections, inspirations, the color blue, even collaboration boards for past workshop guests, and more.

In response to our “Blue” board, we have created our Alabama Blue Organic fabric selection – highlighting our newest color, Twilight, which was featured in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.

Let us know what inspires you and join our Pinterest community.

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  1. britt

    ohhhh i didn’t realize that you are on pinterest. i have pinned several of your images just so that i can have them all in one place. now i am headed there again!

  2. jonn

    the AC books, the AC workshops, the AC staff, the AC website, the AC blog,…AC on Pinterest…my oh my! Thank you Lord…pass the needle & thread and fabric & scissors!


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