Each week we share DIY projects with our Journal readers. Those DIY posts often feature DIY Kits that we sell in our online store. In these kits, makers can choose variations of our design choices (change the top layer or bottom layer fabric color of a garment, for example). But, sometimes we makers prefer to have more options when it comes to creating our own projects. During our Studio Weekend and Studio Week workshops, participants have the opportunity to build their own Custom DIY item, with the guidance and feedback from our skilled staff.

In May of last year, we made the Custom DIY option available to all makers. This allows a maker to build their own, highly tailored DIY kit, offering the ultimate opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece. We’ve recently added several more options, including new stencils, new projects, and our Natural Dyed selection of 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.

Read more about the Custom DIY options here.

Get started on your Custom DIY project with the help of our Custom DIY Guide and by filling out a Custom DIY form, or call us at + 1.256.760.1090 for assistance in building your one-of-a-kind DIY kit.


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One thought on “CUSTOM DIY UPDATE

  1. gabriela

    I have almost completed my wedding dress! I have pictures of the whole process. I would love to share them with you when it’s done!


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