The (low) temperatures have finally dropped below 40 degrees here in Alabama, and even colder temperatures are on the way. Offered in lightweight or medium-weight 100% organic cotton jersey, our Long Sleeve Basics are perfect wardrobe additions for the cooler months.

I’ve learned from the women who shop our collection and attend our Workshops that many prefer sleeves year-round. I’ve have also reached the stage in life where I prefer that “particular area” covered. The long, fluted sleeves, available on some of our Basics, are a great option for those wanting more coverage.

We all know the feeling of finding a piece of clothing that perfectly complements your body type (and personal style) and our Long Sleeve Basics are created to highlight the best features of any woman’s body.


The Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tunic flatters curvy figures with a form-fitting bust and flared waist and hits just below the hip.


Our casual Fitted Long Sleeve T-Shirt is fashioned from our classic T-Shirt top and is longer than most standard t-shirts. Those with narrow shoulders but wider hips will appreciate the way the cinched waist accentuates their shape.


The A-Line Sweater and Long Sleeve Pullover have flowing, generous fits through the waist, an ideal design for apple-shaped women and those of us with a wider base. Both have a V-neck detail, which highlights the chest and neck, bringing attention to the face.

Flattering on all body types, our popular Bolero cover-up can be ordered with long fluted sleeves, leaving you with the option to shed layers when needed.

Find your perfect fit. Browse our Basics collection here.

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2 thoughts on “LONG SLEEVE BASICS

  1. Erika

    Hi Natalie! I love the feature on your basics line……….. wanted to ask if the sleeves on the tunic t shirt are similar to the sleeves on the basic t shirt and bolero? Is the tunic t shirt an adaptation of the tank dress pattern?


  2. Diana from San Francisco

    Hi Natalie! Looking forward to seeing you again in April. Would you ever offer your basics as a DIY Kit?
    (your “forever” student)


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