THE FACTORY | THIS WEEK 2.10.2014 – 2.14.2014

Ari Weinzweig’s newest book, A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Managing Ourselves, arrived a few weeks ago and our staff began a study group to work through Ari’s words of wisdom. This quote from page 27 is a favorite:

“In a little book that might well be considered a minor masterpiece, Life is a Miracle, Wendell Berry explains the art of self-management. ‘Good artists,’ he argues, ‘are people who can stick things together so that they stay stuck. They know how to gather things into formal arrangements that are intelligible, memorable, and lasting. Good forms confer health upon the things that they gather together. Farms, families, and communities are forms of art just as are poems, paintings, and symphonies. None of these things would exist if we did not make them. We can make them either well, or poorly; this choice is another thing that we can make.’”

Hoping that you will all have a great week and that we will see you soon,

Here is what we have going on at The Factory Store + Café this week, Monday, February 10 – Friday, February 14:

Stop by the café one morning this week and grab a late breakfast (and a cup of our Factory blend coffee), or take a break from work and enjoy a relaxing lunch in our space. Be sure to stop by with your Valentine to pick up some sweet treats. We’ve also updated our menu this week with our popular kale, white bean, and sausage soup:


Kale, white bean, and sausage soup, served with local greens,
and your choice of sourdough toast or gluten-free crackers

 Roasted tomato and Belle Chevre goat cheese quiche,
served with balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts and local greens

 Lentil and wild rice grain salad, served with
roasted sweet potatoes and local greens

 Gram Perkins’ egg salad, served open-faced on sourdough toast
with green salad and your choice of chips


 Green salad with Chevre de Provence, award-winning Belle Chevre goat cheese,
served with toast points and your choice of tea or coffee

House Made Granola
with local honey and Greek yogurt 4.50

Daily Assortment of Two Scones
with preserves 4.50

Hard Boiled Farm Egg
with sea salt and cracked pepper, served with toast and greens 5.95

Side of Daily Grain or Local Green Salad 5.50

Egg Salad Sandwich
served open-faced on sourdough toast 5.50

Side of Our Daily Vegetable 4.50

Cup of Soup
with toast 4.50

Bowl of Soup
with toast 6.50

Route 11 Potato Chips
your choice 1.50

When possible, we proudly serve organic and source our ingredients locally from
Jack-o-Lantern FarmBelle Chevre, and other purveyors.

 Enjoy your lunch on exclusive Alabama Chanin @ Heath Ceramics dinnerware.


Mountain Valley Spring Water – flat or sparkling – individual size 1.90
Mountain Valley Spring Water – flat or sparkling – full bottle 3.75
Bottle Drinks – varieties change daily 1.90
Organic Iced Tea – sweet, unsweet, or half-and-half 1.90
Hot Tea – varieties 1.90
Drip Specialty Coffee 2.50
Espresso 2.50
Macchiato 3.00
Cappuccino 3.50
Café Latte 4.00

Handcrafted Pomegranate Soda with Jack Rudy Grenadine 3.25


Southern Lane (Drive) Cake
with pecans, coconut, and bourbon soaked fruit,
and freshly whipped cream 4.25

 Sugarbaker’s Wedding Cake
The classic, made in St. Florian 3.95

 Natalie’s Apple Crisp
with salted caramel sauce 4.25

 Three Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.95

Kindly call ahead for reservations for parties of 8 or more and
for orders of a dozen cookies or more

P.S.: Follow us on Instagram (and check out the hashtag #leftonthecafetable).

Café Hours
Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm

This week at The Factory Store we are featuring a special on hand-woven white oak gift baskets filled with some of our favorite things, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our sales team will be more than happy to customize a basket for that someone special. Take some time to browse through the new collection or to try on some of the pieces from our A. Chanin line—more sizes and colors are now available.

Store Hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Stop by any weekday at 3:00pm for a guided tour of our space, including The Factory, the Alabama Chanin production and design studio, and Building 14.

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