Our line of Alabama Chanin Basics, including some pieces from our A. Chanin line, is now available in a range of colors, including those featured in our most recent Alabama Chanin collection. Each of these garments make great layering pieces, which is especially helpful as temperatures continue to fluctuate.


Our Alabama Vest adds a layer of interest (and pockets) to any ensemble. It features a halter neckline and can drape loosely or be wrapped around the body. It is available in dozens of colors, in both lightweight and medium-weight organic cotton jersey.


The A. Chanin Long Sleeve Raglan top is part of our growing machine-made line. It is light and loose fitting, with a wide neckline and raglan-style sleeves. This can be layered over Tank or Tunic Tops, adds a casual flair to any sleeveless dress, and is a great cover-up for chilly spring evenings. Available in our medium-weight organic cotton jersey.


Our Patchwork Skirt is a nod to the traditional quilting techniques that have inspired us since our beginnings; each panel is sewn together with multiple quilt-like pieces. It is made from 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey and measures 23” from the waist. This pairs easily with any top and is a great compliment to our A. Chanin Long Sleeve Cardigan.


Our Long Skirt features a small, 4-inch train and has become a staple in almost every Alabama Chanin collection. It is one of our most versatile pieces, regardless of the season. The basic version can be a casual piece when worn with a t-shirt or tank. Pair with an elaborate top or jacket for a more formal look. Made from our medium-weight organic cotton jersey, the skirt measures approximately 40 ½” from waist to front hem (44 ½” from waist to train hem).


The Riding Jacket is a more substantial option for cooler days and reflects a confident style perspective. Made from medium-weight organic cotton jersey, it flares slightly at the waist for a flattering silhouette on any figure.

Each of these pieces is available in a full range of colors, including Lime – a limited-time option from the current collection – and our newest featured fabric colors, like Teal, Autumn, and Persimmon. View each item’s color chart for the full selection of available colors. You can also purchase a set of Color Cards, if you want to view samples of our updated options.

Visit the Basics page of our online store and start browsing today.

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