The most recent Alabama Chanin collection features several new men’s garments. These pieces, like the rest of the collection, were inspired by photographs taken by the Massengill family in rural Arkansas just before the Second World War, as seen in Maxine Payne’s anthology, Making Pictures: Three for a Dime. Many of you have been asking for more men’s options, and as Alabama Chanin continues to expand as a lifestyle company, it is our hope to reach a larger audience with our collections and collaborations (and hopefully give you what you’ve been asking for in the process).

While all of these tops can be worn by both men and women alike, we designed them with a more masculine-driven wardrobe in mind. Browse some of our favorites below, or view the entire collection here.


For the first time ever, we are offering a cardigan built for a man’s frame (which provides a looser, boyfriend-style fit for women). Our Neutral Side-Stripe Cardigan and Side-Stripe Cardigan are the perfect layering pieces to add to your spring wardrobe.


We’ve shared an assortment of bug and animal stencils with our DIY customers, highlighting some of the first stencils designed when I started embellishing recycled T-shirts. Our new collection includes the Scorpion (above) and the Scarab—bold patterns of six-legged creatures designed by Butch Anthony.


Our Whispering Rose pattern can be subtly utilized to suit a man’s taste, as seen on two of our favorite men’s 100% organic cotton jersey T-shirts: the Appliqué Rose Shirt and the Painted Whispering Rose Side-Stripe Shirt. It is shown here in placement fashion with tone-on-tone design—where both the front and back layers are the same or similar colors.

Find more style inspirations in our lookbook.

P.S. The shirt featured in the top photo is the Polka Dot Yoke Shirt.

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  1. Laura Schroeder

    Love the men’s items…are the 6-legged creature stencils available for DIY? thanks so much and much adoration to you and your company. I am doing my part and trying to save the world “one t-shirt at a time”.


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