In continuing our collaborations with partners that share our sustainable philosophies and values, Alabama Chanin is proud to launch a line of hats alongside our current collection. The hats, designed and manufactured by Leigh Magar of Magar Hatworks, were also inspired by the same photographs that served as inspiration for our most recent collection: Three For a Dime photographs of families during the 1930s and 1940s in rural Arkansas.

Leigh’s sustainable design philosophy includes utilizing old techniques and craft, while embracing artful and unique design.

“I use the original process of hand making hats,” she explains. “The hat blocking technique—using antique wooden hat forms to create shapes. Each hat is steam shaped, hand sewn, and then adorned by hand.”


The Bess Hat is made from hand-woven Panama straw and is adorned with a macramé trim, made from our 100% organic cotton jersey. It features a raw, up-turned edge in the front.


The Nora Hat has a beautifully molded brim and a knotted trim. This classic black straw hat pairs perfectly with our collection.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Leigh offers workshops, teas, and tours at her early 19th-century home and studio. She also has a new workshop-based installation at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art in Columbia, Madame Magar’s Workshop, which includes a collection of wearable art: small batch dresses, accessories, and sculptures.

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    1. Alabama Post author

      Hi Nicola,

      Each hat is a different design. The Bess features a raw, up-turned edge in front, and the Nora has a full molded brim.

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