THE FACTORY | THIS WEEK 6.16.2014 – 6.20.2014


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
– Pablo Picasso

Sit down with a cup of coffee at The Factory this week, and leave your own work of art, note, or doodle on our café tables. (Follow the hashtag #leftonthecafetable on Instagram for inspiration.)

Here is what we have going on at The Factory Store + Café this week, Monday, June 16  – Friday, June 20:

This week, we are featuring A. Chanin garments that are perfect for the summer season. Be sure to check in-store for new garment styles from our machine-made line.

Continue to explore our in-store and online selections of One-of-a-Kind Indigo, available for a limited time.

Store Hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Stop by any weekday at 2:00pm for a guided tour of our space, including The Factory, the Alabama Chanin production and design studio, and Building 14.

Join us at The Factory this week for the continuation of our Hot and Hot Fish Club-inspired menu.  Start with new favorites such as the vegetable minestrone or the Hot and Hot Vegetable Plate (featuring a refreshing gazpacho), and complete your meal with Elton’s Chocolate Soufflé.

Café Hours
Monday – Friday, 11:00am – 3:00pm
*Lunch service begins at 11:00am, but coffee and snacks are available all day.

Below is Monday and Tuesday’s menu; check back on Wednesday for a new lunch menu:

Roasted tomato quiche with goat cheese, served with creamed field pea and summer squash salad, a side of local greens, dessert of the day, and your choice of tea or coffee

choose one for $10.95

Ruskin Tomatoes with Basil and Goat Cheese
served with toast points and a
side of local greens

Vegetable Minestrone with Pesto
served with toast points and
a side of local greens

Hot and Hot Vegetable Plate
with Carolina Gold rice, gazpacho, and ratatouille
served with toast points

When possible, we proudly serve organic and source our ingredients locally from
Jack-o-Lantern Farm, Belle Chevre, and other purveyors.

Enjoy your lunch on exclusive Alabama Chanin @ Heath Ceramics dinnerware.


House Made Granola
with local honey and Greek yogurt 4.50

Side of Local Green Salad 5.50

Pimento Cheese Sandwich
served open-faced 5.50

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4.95

Cup of Soup
with toast 4.50

Bowl of Soup
with toast 6.50

Route 11 Potato Chips
your choice 1.50


Elton’s Chocolate Soufflé
served with Crème Anglaise
and freshly whipped cream 4.25
(Made to order; please allow 10 minutes.)

Blackberry Crepes
filled with Zingerman’s cream cheese, topped
with Blackberry Farm preserves and powdered sugar 4.25

Three Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.95

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4 thoughts on “THE FACTORY | THIS WEEK 6.16.2014 – 6.20.2014

  1. Di

    The top in the top right? Is it a kit? Where is it? Searched site but did not find. Perfect for summer omits own or layered over long sleeves or a sweater in cooler weather.

  2. Laura

    Loved the “love note” at the top of this post….wondering how to tie that beautiful knottiest thingie on the note…..thanks in advance.


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