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In a couple of weeks, I’ll be heading up to Chattanooga, Tennessee for an Alabama Chanin One-Day Workshop, a trunk show, and an exhibit of BBQ’ed Dresses. Yes, we put a few of our handmade garments into the smoker.

Last fall, for the Southern Foodways Alliance 15th Annual Symposium, we BBQ’ed a few Alabama Chanin dresses, with the help of Nick Pihakis from Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q in Birmingham, Alabama. John T. Edge was the impetus for the project, asking us to design some BBQ inspired garments that eventually hung proudly alongside Landon Nordeman’s stunning photographs of pit masters and their tools. It is going to be great to see the BBQ inspired collection hang again later this month at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga as part of Crafted by Southern Hands.




Newsletter #6 brings to light our recent conversations on manufacturing, including our newly established machine manufacturing line, A.Chanin, and other important topics around fast fashion and those who manufacture what we wear.

Read about our upcoming workshops, including our One-Day Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, new online store additions like our Indigo Flag Quilt, and DIY Projects on our Journal.

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Yesterday, we announced that we will soon begin machine manufacturing 100% organic cotton jersey garments under the new arm of Alabama Chanin, A. Chanin, here in Florence, Alabama.

We are ready to start sewing and we need a few experienced sewing machine operators to join our team. Applicants must be able to run a range of machines and live in or around the Shoals community. Please contact us at office (at) for an application or apply in person at 462 Lane Drive, Florence from 9 am – 2pm daily





Newsletter #5 showcases our newest addition to our collection of workshops: the Studio Week. The first session is scheduled for November 2013. Also, our Father’s Day Gift Guide offers a selection of items specifically for Dad.

Read about Single Lock Records, a local indie record label in our community and browse our Library + Gifts for books on innovative business models from Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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CHARLESTON, SC - 1600 MEETING - photo by Olive Rae James

Charleston, South Carolina has its own style of “Southern-ness” that almost can’t be defined. And although it has been years (almost two decades) since I have been there, I definitely recognize Charleston when I see, hear, or smell it. Charlestonians sound like no other group of Southerners: “Chawlstun,” they say with their long middle vowels – a round, musical sound I love.

As a traveler at heart, no matter where I go, my list of things to do and see is always longer than my stay. The Tom Waits song, “Take The Long Way Home, comes to mind when I visit a new (or “old” new) place. And from afar, Charleston feels like a place where you can (should) get sidetracked, get lost, and then slowly find your way back home. The city is leading the game when it comes to delicious food (think Sean Brock, whose last meal on earth would be a sous vide roast chicken, Mike Latta, or Craig Diehl) and cocktails, like our favorite, Brooks Reitz of Jack Rudy. Our friends (and partners in cotton), Billy Reid, have a store there. All in all, it seems a deliciously sinful place to settle into for a week. I know I will never check off my entire to-do list, but perhaps Maggie and I will make it out to Bowen’s Island and spend an afternoon at the Halsey Museum.

CHARLESTON, SC - photo by Olivia Rae James

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Newsletter #4 celebrates the launch of our newest Heath Ceramics collaboration: the hand etched Camellia pattern. You will also find a selection of perfect Mother’s Day gifts in our online sale, stories about mom on our Journal, and more exploration into the heart of Real Women.

Read about our week dedicated to Finnish design company Marimekko, a visit (and baseball game) from the Texas Playboys, and Zkano Organic Socks – another Alabama based company that is committed to local production using organic cotton.

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The Alabama Chanin Garage Sale is back. Open at 9 am CST (now), we feature items from our recent sample sale, along with trims, notions, fabrics, DIY Kits, and treasures galore (yes, it’s an online sample sale).

Shop our Alabama Chanin Garage Sale for a select few one-of-a-kind garments and home goods.

Shop our DIY Garage Sale for special-dyed fabrics, notions, DIY Kits, and more.

If you participated in one of our previous garage sales, you know items go very quickly, and our inventory system is not always able to keep up. We have taken precautions and hope everything runs smoothly, but please be patient with us as we fill orders and keep up with the excitement.


1) Most of our Garage Sale items are one-of-a-kind—meaning, there really is only one—except where indicated. If you buy it first, it’s yours. Just adding an item to your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours, you have to click purchase first.

2) Once you buy it, it’s yours. No returns, exchanges, or buyer’s remorse allowed. (You won’t want to anyway.)

3) Everything is sold as-is. We have done our best to give complete descriptions. If something is less than perfect, we have tried to let you know.  But then, we love less than perfect from time-to-time and are sure that you will love your purchase, too.

4) Be happy. Make good things. Love your neighbor. Share.

5) We’ve been enjoying these Garage Sales and having fun re-discovering what’s hiding in all of our storage boxes. As long as you keep coming back, we’ll keep having them.

Call us if you need our help, just call: +1.256.760.1090
Or email: office (at)




Last weekend we hosted the Texas Playboys from Austin, Texas. The baseball club made up of artists, architects, musicians, photographers and entrepreneurs joined us for a weekend of great music, food, cocktails, and baseball. We were thrilled and honored they voted to visit Florence, Alabama for this year’s travel game (see ballot above) and flattered they challenged our not-too-shabby Billy Reid + Alabama Chanin team in Barnstorm2013.

AFTER THE PLAYBOYS - Photography by Abraham Rowe

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The Texas Playboys Baseball Club is a collective of architects, artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers and entrepreneurs based in Austin, Texas.  Member and long time friend, Jack Sanders and his crew have challenged Alabama Chanin and Billy Reid to one of their infamous baseball games. We welcome them to Florence and our studio, with a series of events – open to the public.

Join us Thursday, April 4th for an artist talk with the Texas Playboys as part of the Alabama Chanin Visiting Artist Series.

And Saturday, April 6th, the Alabama Slammers (aka the Billy Reid crew + the Alabama Chanin squad) take on the Texas Playboys in a (friendly) game of backyard baseball.


Free Admission to both events
All are welcome


Thursday, April 4, 2013 Visiting Artist Series
Good conversation + cocktails
7pm – 9pm
Artist Talk @ 7:30
The Factory
462 Lane Drive, Florence, Alabama


Saturday, April 6, 2013 Texas Playboys vs. Alabama Slammers
2 pm – until
Mike D. Lane Field
UNA Campus, Florence, Alabama

Learn more about the Texas Playboys here.

For more information contact: office(at) or call +1.256.760.1090





Southern Makers is a one day event that celebrates creativity of all types in Alabama. Our state has a rich artisanal history in textiles, food, farming, literature, art and design. Southern Makers will explore Alabama-based food and design with panel discussions, artist talks, cooking demonstrations and tastings, workshops, and a Market Place Bazaar featuring wares and goods from talented southern artisans and chefs.

Panel discussion with Natalie Chanin and other participants on Transportation and Traditional Industries @ 6pm.

Alabama Chanin Two-Hour Workshop with Natalie + staff @ 2:30 pm.

$155 includes all materials to complete an Alabama Chanin DIY kit for the workshop only.

Register here for the Two-Hour Workshop.

*Event is open to the general public – $10 advance ticket/ $20 at the door. Additional fees for workshops, beer garden, and purchase of craft items.

**All proceeds from the event will benefit EAT South, a non-profit organization, committed to promoting sustainable growth through education, agriculture, and sustainable design.