We often hear that you have to see an Alabama Chanin garment in person to really appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into every piece. We sincerely believe that our upcoming website is the next best thing. As our brand continues to grow, and our interests and projects become more diverse, we rely more […]


While working on some press and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages this last month, I came across some texts that date back across the decade of Alabama Chanin. In reading and going over some of these texts, I thought it would be a good series to share on our Sustainable Design Tuesdays. Here is one […]


I am upcycling this blog post from 2006 as I have just had so many questions about it recently… Celebrate the official release of Alabama Studio Style this week by Baking a Pie for a Cake Plate: Below is my Gram Perkins’ famous chocolate pie recipe that my cousin Joy continues to make. It was […]