February Swatch of the Month

$75.00 - $926.00

  • 2022 Subscription: One Payment of $900
  • 2022 Subscription: One Payment of $900 + Binder: $26
  • 2022 Monthly Subscription Payments: $75 per month + Binder: $26
  • 2022 January Swatch Only
  • 2022 February Swatch Only
  • 2022 March Swatch Only
  • 2022 April Swatch Only
  • 2022 May Swatch Only
  • 2022 June Swatch Only
  • 2022 July Swatch Only
  • 2022 August Swatch Only
  • 2022 September Swatch Only
  • 2022 October Swatch Only
  • 2022 November Swatch Only
  • 2022 December Swatch Only


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Good Things Take Time

Our garments are carefully made to order for you, ensuring we utilize our organic cotton fabrics in the most responsible way.

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The School of Making Swatch of the Month Inspiration


“My simple decision to set up a standard way of recording the development of every design and fabric has led to an elaborate library consisting of more than five hundred swatches. To date we have twenty-seven books of fabric swatches that we use for everything from custom orders for clothing and interiors to inspiration for participants in our weekend workshops. When I spread these books across one of our 14′- long work tables, I am amazed to see the beauty we’ve created. In the past, we often tested colorways in garment form. Today, before any garment is cut, a tested and completed fabric sample swatch is approved. This small step has saved the company untold money, time, and waste.”

Find monthly inspirations, project ideas, and kit designs to pair with our Swatch of the Month subscription program. 


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