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Alabama Chanin Supply Chain Page

We believe that responsibility means transparency and understanding where each material comes from and whose hands it touches before it arrives to the end consumer.


Cotton has been at the heart of our business for over two decades. First in the form of recycled cotton T-shirts, and since 2005, in partnership with our Texas farmers and North Carolina converters providing a seed-to-shelf U.S.-made and organic product.

This plant, and its fiber, are rooted in the complicated history of our region and the work of our organization. Project Threadways symposia presentations and exhibitions have grappled with the legacies of enslavement and erasure, as well as questions of ownership and equity. We conduct research to understand historical power dynamics in the industry, while oral history interviews interrogate production processes from field to factory through first-person narratives.

As Alabama Chanin has thoughtfully balanced the supply and demand of our supply chain, the fabric offerings and their sources have expanded. Through our new collaborations, we continue to provide a quality product that is in line with our organization’s principles and standards and that is shared with full transparency—keeping ethical and responsible production at the forefront of our practices. Take a closer look at our U.S.-grown, organic cotton supply chain below.

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