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$50.00 - $3,000.00
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The perfect gift from our online store. Choose the amount for online redemption, and we will send you (or the recipient) a card with a code for that amount.

Choose between physical or digital options.

PHYSICAL: Printed on recycled cotton paper. We've repurposed our organic canvas scraps into a reusable sleeve. Specify the mailing address in the Shipping Instructions box at checkout. Let's us know if you'd like to leave a special note or message there too.

DIGITAL: We'll send a special email to the recipient. Include the email address and special message in the Shipping Instructions box at checkout. Gift certificates send within 6 hours when ordered from 8am – 9pm. Overnight orders send the next morning. 

Contact us for special instructions or different amounts: 256-760-1090 or email

Good Things Take Time

Our garments are carefully made to order for you, ensuring we utilize our organic cotton fabrics in the most responsible way.