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Album   john paul white   the hurting kind   october 2019   robert rausch4671
Album   john paul white   the hurting kind   october 2019   robert rausch4669
Album   caleb elliot   forever to fade   october 2019   robert rausch4673

The Vinyl Collection

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    "The Hurting Kind" by John Paul White "Forever to Fade" by Caleb Elliot "Colour Green" by Sibylle Baier
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To help you further relax in style, we offer some of our favorite albums in vinyl.


Sibylle Baier's "Colour Green":

Sibylle Baier, a housewife and mother, recorded Colour Green at her German home on a reel to reel tape machine between 1970 and 1973. Upon finishing the recording, she gave out a few copies and retired the master tapes to the attic of her home. The tapes remained forgotten for 30 years until her son discovered them. He sent out cassettes of the recording, which led to the release of the album. Colour Green is one of the purest distillations of classic folk songwriting ever recorded. Aside from Baier's brittle vocalizing and timeless song craft, the lyrics are what is so affecting about the album. They traverse the spectrum of the everyday as heartbreak and insecurity remain buoyed by hope and an uncertain optimism.


Caleb Elliot's debut album "Forever to Fade":

This swamp-art-rock record bridges the distance between the classically-trained sideman he was to the songwriting frontman he’s become; the 480 miles between his musical origins in Natchitoches and Lafayette to his new home in The Shoals of Alabama; and the shift between a gothic upbringing inside a cult-style religion to finding mental and artistic liberation. Forever to Fade shows he’s ready to take the wheel.  


John Paul White's "The Hurting Kind":

The Hurting Kind is the brand new album from 4-time GRAMMY winner and Single Lock co-founder, John Paul White. With The Hurting Kind, White draws on the lush, orchestrated music made in Nashville in the early 1960s, writing about overwhelming love, unraveling relationships and the fading memory of a loved one.


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