Sample Sale: Organic Cotton Fabric in Natural


  • Organic Cotton Heavyweight Rib
  • Organic Cotton SZ Jersey
  • Organic Cotton Velour
  • Organic Cotton/Poly Blend Sherpa
  • Organic Cotton Jersey Scour
  • Organic Cotton Tubular Rib Scour
  • Organic Cotton/Spandex Blend Jersey
  • Tubular Organic Cotton Jersey
  • Organic Cotton/Poly Blend Terry
  • Organic Cotton Tubular Jersey


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Natural is available in the following fabrications: Organic Cotton Heavyweight Rib, Organic Cotton SZ Jersey, Organic Cotton Velour, Organic Cotton/Poly Sherpa, Organic Cotton Jersey Scour, Organic Cotton Tubular Rib Scour, Organic Cotton/Spandex Blend Jersey, Tubular Organic Cotton, Organic Jersey, Organic Cotton/Hemp Fleece, Organic Cotton/Poly Terry, Organic Cotton Tubular Jersey, Organic Cotton Jersey, Organic Cotton Plush Velour.

Please see carousel below for details, and contact us for more information: or 256-760-1090 x 116.

All fabrics are available by the yard except for Organic Cotton/Hemp Fleece, which is offered in a 4-yard bundle.

Good Things Take Time

Our garments are carefully made to order for you, ensuring we utilize our organic cotton fabrics in the most responsible way.

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