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Alabama Chanin Zero Waste Rose Wrap Cardigan Kit Product Page

Zero Waste Rose Wrap Cardigan Kit



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Back of a fabric swatch in navy, natural, and beige colorway


Using scrap fabric as the backing layer is not very different from a full backing layer. Some makers prefer scraps as the grain lines of scrap fabrics do not have to match those of the top layer, and a variety of colors may be mixed throughout the design. In our Navy cardigan, we feature a combination of Beige and Natural scraps for subtle variation. Once the appliqué is complete, the backing layer is carefully trimmed away with embroidery scissors, leaving a 1/8” border outside the stitched outline (see above). 

Learn more about reverse appliqué and other techniques in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.  See The Geometry of Hand-Sewing for more on embroidery stitches. 

Black and White photo of Natalie Chanin in a Paris hotel room wearing her Rose Wrap Cardigan


Reminiscent of Natalie's early designs—where the style first made its appearance—the cardigan is sewn using outside floating seams. These are found along the sides, shoulders, and in a double line down the back. The neckline is finished with binding at the top and with facing along the front. This pattern is an intermediate style that's fun and challenging for a wide range of makers. Take a closer look at the instructions here.