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Alabama Chanin Host a Party Page




We have reveled in the stories of your parties, listened to feedback, and can't wait for you to host your next party. The DIY Kit offerings cater to all skill levels. A selection of our favorite stencils is available to customize each kit, as well as a set of colorways in addition to our 26 tonal colorway options.

The idea is simple: you gather a minimum of 6 friends together, agree upon one kit design (with a variety of colorway selections available), provide a location and refreshments and instruction, and we will do the rest.

Your group will select one kit style (with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced) from the options listed below. You will all work on the same garment style, but each group member can choose their own size, fabric color, and stencil design (we will pick a matching thread color). As host, you will receive your kit for free, in exchange for facilitating your group’s order and providing hospitality and sewing instruction to your crew. Each of your friends will receive the selected kit at 20% off the original price.

As host, you receive a free kit for planning and hosting the party and an additional gift—a 100% organic cotton canvas tote bag. Each participant receives a 20% discount on their kit and also receives a free gift—a card with an assortment of needles.

Every guest receives a pre-cut, stenciled, ready-to-sew DIY kit with thread and a label from The School of Making. You will bring needles, scissors, and instructions for your group, or ask that they provide their own.


Fingerless Gloves
T-Shirt Top
Alabama Sweater Tunic
Swing Skirt
Mid-Length Skirt
Factory Dress


  1. Email us and we’ll send you a PDF and a link to a form to help you gather your group’s DIY Kit design choices.
  2. Pick a date for your party. (To give our team time to prepare your kits, your party date must be at least four weeks from your order date.)
  3. Once you have your selections finalized, you’ll complete our online form and submit payment in full (if you live in Alabama, we’ll have to charge you tax separately from your transaction).
  4. In four weeks or more (depending on your party date), you’ll receive your specially designed kits delivered to your address—only one shipping address please. 
  5. Host your party.
  6. Share your School of Making knowledge with your friends.
  7. Share your pictures with the world by using #theschoolofmaking and #hostaparty2019 across social media.